August 11, 2009

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Due to our own negligence we lost our old domain (web direction/url), so one more time we’re moving, this time to

We’ll try to get our old site back, if that’s not possible we’ll come with something brand new. Now we have just a temporary home page there.

if by any chance someone has a backup of our “Downloads” page, please contact us.


July 15, 2009

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Update your bookmarks!

We moved to

Edit 07-08-2009:

We’re still having problems with our old domain It was supposed to be back yesterday, but nothing happened.
If we don’t have a solution soon, we’ll register a new domain.
We’re sorry for all the troubles, when the site is back we’ll upload a pair of new releases to make up for lost time.


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Here’s another doujinshi from Hina Sasaki/Sea Star.

Expect some romantic and funny moments between our hilarious and perverted Nanoha and our cute Fate in their schooldays.

This doujinshi is also included in the MegaPack Volume 2 (double release FTW?).

Translation: narmi, beddo9, DarkNeon
Edition: Haru
Raws: zoung

(NyaaTorrents tracker)

Direct Download:

June 29, 2008

Nanoha x Fate MegaPack volume 2: “The Proof of us”

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Finally is out. And it’s big, very BIG.
Please download, share, and enjoy ^^

(NyaaTorrents tracker)

Direct Download:
(Anything yet, a MegaUpload link will be up within 48 hours. If you want to provide a mirror please contact us)


(Original sketch by stratosphere, fixes by mercurianangel, everything else by solwyvern)


This pack contains most of the NanoFate images and doujinshis available in the Internet till the date (29/06/2008), including all the doujins released in this Web till Chu.

2 Doujins.
2 H-Doujins.
2 General images.
2 Sketchs.
2 Short comics.
2 H-images.
2 Files in “extra” folder.

Total: 3000~ files, 800~ MB
Summing up with the first MegaPack: 5000~ files, 1500~ MB

This MegaPacks does not contains anything from our first one, if you already have the first volume just unzip the new one over the old, if you don’t have it and if you want to have both you can download it here (the MU link is working, the torrent is being shared as well, but the torrent tracker is down, so you should wait until the guys from Datorrents fix it).




A lot of people contributed directly or indirectly to this MegaPack, giving credits to each person will be too hard, so please just accept our thanks in a general way:

Thanks to all the people who contributed with pictures from the forums yamibo, flsnow, animesuki and hongfire, and thanks to the contributors from the image boards 4chan, danbooru and lesles.

Thanks to the artists who draw images and doujinshis of this couple. We shouldn’t be sharing their doujinshins for free, so if you like their works please support them buying their stuffs if it’s within your possibilities.

Thanks to the occasional and permanent staff from this scanlation group, and thanks to everyone else who is translating doujins or comics included in this pack.

Thanks to Sven Arcs and Ivory for giving us such a beautiful canon pairing, thanks for creating Fate, Nanoha and Vivio, thanks for creating and enjoyable series, and thanks to the fansubs who brought this series to us.

And finally thanks to all the NanoFate fanfic writers for giving us good readings, especially to Satashi for dedicating “The Proof of Us” to the pack. Thanks to solwyvern for doing such an amazing job with the cover, and thanks to Preston for giving us the domain and thanks in advance for the new web.

Final words:

That’s everything for now, the pack ended up being bigger than we thought since we delayed it over and over again, we’re sorry for that, we’ll try to be more punctual if there is a Volume 3.

Preston is working in a new Web for us, we’ll have updates soon so please keep visiting our site, we’ll even have an image board, we’ll try to post all the new pictures and doujinshis we get there, it would be good if we get more contributors too, we can even use it to organize translations with external people. There’re a lot of not translated doujinshis and short comics in this pack, but in the group we’re only working in Spoonful 2 right now, so if you want to help with something else you can contact us by mail or we can organize it through the incoming Image board and we can make the posterior distribution, we’re busy this year that’s why our releases are taking so long, so some help will be really appreciated.

This pack is dedicated to the whole fandom, thanks for being such a great community and for bringing us your help and support.

June 1, 2008

Happy Family & Santa

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The translation of Chu! isn’t going too fast, but you can expect the release this month, so in the meanwhile to keep the Web alive we’re posting this cute short comic. Enjoy:


Translated by DschingisKhan, edited by Haru.

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