April 24, 2008

Thunder Bird

Posted in Scanlations tagged at 7:09 am by nanofate

Translation: narmi, beddo9, DarkNeon
Edition: Haru
Proofreading: Everyone?

(Datorrents web)

Direct Download:


  1. adun said,

    God, the art in this one is just fantastic.

  2. Dr.Wierdo69 said,

    This would be the ‘white devil’ at it’s finest… it actually broke my heart when Fate was so clueless as to what’s happening to Nanoha… T-T I really reccomend people to read this.

  3. Shebee said,

    I cant read it!!!! both sites dont work T.T!!

  4. Fate said,

    both links say file not found! someone plz fix!

  5. inconnu said,

    go to dynasty-scan you’ll find it

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