April 25, 2008

Becoming an adult, Fate-chan [+18]

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Double release!

We finished the scanlation of this doujin a while ago, but we wanted to finish first Nanohaan Strikers, so we waited until today to release it.
The first half is about our perverted young Fate-chan and her plan to steal Nanoha’s panties; the second half is an explicit yuri scene between our adult favorite couple. I don’t like that much this kind of doujin but we got the chance to have it translated, so we did it, I hope you like it.

Our next doujin will be CHU!, it’s a fluffy one from Sea Star, so look forward to it.

Translation: Nirvaphreak
Edition: Haru
Proofreading: narmi

(Datorrents web)

Direct Download:


  1. Katsurui said,

    Omg! I love you guys soooo much!
    I read so many fanfictions of NanoFate and I absolutely love doujins!!!

  2. Narmi said,

    Lol, Nirvaphreak deserves all the credit for translating the doujin while BPHaru did the editing. ^_^

  3. Mikey said,

    I love it! Thank you guys!

  4. Chris M. said,

    please check the links

  5. michelle k. said,

    links is dead :,(

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