April 25, 2008

Nanohaan Strikers

Posted in Scanlations tagged at 10:23 pm by nanofate

After two months of inactivity we’re releasing something new in this date. Nanohaan Strikers is a 20 pages doujin,is about a beach trip and a very fantasizing Fate.

Ganbatte Fate-chan! Triple Nanoha is not just a dream!

Translation: narmi, beddo9, Nirvaphreak
Edition: Haru
Raws: zoung

(Datorrents web)

Direct Download:


  1. yurichan/S&T said,

    English version is well done. gj again muchos gracias

  2. Kirika said,

    Thanks for your wok ^^
    It’s good to see that you continue your work for the fan *____* Thank you very much.

  3. Nina.Wolken said,

    Thank you everybody!
    I also made a break those last two months, but that’s really good to see that you keep going with the good work!
    I’m gonna enjoy the scanlation right now!

    p.s : Special thoughts to my buddy! ^^

  4. Narmi said,

    Hahaha ^_^ I am happy everyone is enjoying our most recent project release. I dislike doing a job that’s “half arse” or not the best I could have done during the time. It makes me happy I can translate all of these doujins and with everyone enjoying it I’m even more pleased.

  5. Markesellus said,

    This is really awesome. It’s super funny. Thanks for the funny/awkward/cute moments. The english is really awesome and doesn’t have huge grammar or spelling errors.

  6. Dani said,

    Heyy can yØu plzz check on da link?
    its not working..

  7. Anonymous said,

    The front cover interests me~xD
    pleeeeeze update those links if you see my comment~~~
    i’ll be grateful for that :))

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