April 29, 2008

Emerald Bell, by Mercurian Angel & Satashi

Posted in Original Content, Scanlations at 1:16 am by nanofate

Today we’re helping with the distribution of a doujin made by 2 of our friends: Mercurian Angel and Satashi.

This is a romantic love-making moment between Nanoha and Fate, drawn by Angel, this story is a sequel to Saved by the Bell fanfic, written by Satashi, so it would be better if you already know the fic, you can find it here (this doujin is placed just after chapter 19). Also you can visit angel’s site on deviantArt.




(Datorrents web)

Direct Download:


  1. Anonymous said,

    A unique combination of drawings and words.

  2. Mmm said,

    Is Saved By The Bell completely normal? As in no TSAB and Magic related stuff at all? Just read chapter 1 and I need to know that to decide if I want to continue or not.

  3. Katsurui said,

    No, it’s like teenager life.
    It’s still good, but I’m interested in Arigatou Sheitarou’s writings, better descriptions, and it’s like a cliff-hanger in every chapter! ♥

    Yay! I love you guys for updating! NanoFate 4ever!

  4. Haru said,

    Thanks for the explanation Katsurui. In other words it’s an Alternative Universe without magic, if you have time for reading a long and fun fic give it an opportunity,

    I love Arigatou Sheitarou’s writings too, this girl gained my devotion, even if she doesn’t update very often the waiting totally worth it… and that reminds me, I haven’t reviewed the last chapter of Melody yet.

    Cuídense y sigan sonriendo :)

  5. Yu said,

    Arigato ^^ .I love it very much .Still waiting for the next doujin .
    Ps :Sr because my English is not very good ==’

  6. Katsurui said,

    Aha. I’m glad I am not the only one who knows Arigatou Sheitarou’s works!
    She is so awesome. I recommend you people read her works! Very fun to read!

  7. katsurui said,

    i can’t wait for the next update of naofate ♥

  8. dangelx said,

    Tanto la historia como el doujin…
    Un gran trabajo

  9. Haru said,

    Es bueno poder leer un comentario en mi idioma natal de vez en cuando, me alegro de saber que gente con un cierto dominio del inglés también es capaz de disfrutar del trabajo que realiza la gente por la comunidad… puede que haga un experimento y traduzca al español nuestro próximo doujinshi: Chu!, haciendo un doble release para ver cuanta gente interesada hay.


  10. katsurui said,

    When is the next release of NanoFate?
    If you guys need any assistances, I would be honored to help with editting!

  11. Haru said,

    Thanks for offering your help, if I were to be too busy to do the editing by myself, I’ll try to contact you.

    Quoting from Narmi:

    “Oh yah bad news everyone, we at NanoFate have been pretty busy lately and we won’t be releasing our next doujin for a while. Hopefully we can make a release before the end of June….”

  12. Katsurui said,

    Oh, that’s cool!
    Atleast you guys are still alive!
    So, I hope you guys can update soon! x]

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