June 1, 2008

Happy Family & Santa

Posted in Pictures & Comics at 4:53 pm by nanofate

The translation of Chu! isn’t going too fast, but you can expect the release this month, so in the meanwhile to keep the Web alive we’re posting this cute short comic. Enjoy:


Translated by DschingisKhan, edited by Haru.



  1. zanon said,

    Very cute. Nice to see an update and know things are still coming. Looking forward to it!

  2. Markesellus said,

    ITS SO CUTE! I love Vivio! Can’t wait for Chu! Thanks for doing this you guys!

  3. Katsurui said,

    That was so cute -sniff- ^^
    the art was really awesome!

  4. Anon said,

    Haha a nice little update, sucks to hear the trans hold up…

  5. DschingisKhan said,

    Randomly found a link to here and what do I find? Ah, neat, you trawled Danbooru. Glad it worked out well; I was a little worried that it was clunky still. Just a quick note on 3-2-2: “mamas” shouldn’t have an apostrophe there– it’s an indication of plurality but not possession (as contrasted with its use in 3-2-1).

  6. Haru said,

    Ok, thanks for the correction DschingisKhan, I’m glad to see you here =D


  7. Anonymous said,

    Nice. I hope this comic can be translated fast cause i cant wait to read it

  8. Haru said,


    If you’re talking about “Chu!”, it’s already done, but we’re not sharing it yet, maybe the next Sunday, because we’re working in something special that will be uploaded the same day. Look forward to it ^^

  9. Narmi said,

    Haha and we have been busy with our lives :) .Well I can’t wait and since I have graduated and I’m almost done playing Persona FES 3 “The Journey”. I might take a break from Persona FES 3 and work on translating SPOONFUL 2 when I have the time.

  10. Anonymous said,

    Hey narmi i have beaten the persona 3 final boss nyx. I wonder u can beat nyx in persona 3 fes the journey

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