July 15, 2009


Posted in Site News at 9:00 pm by nanofate

Update your bookmarks!

We moved to http://www.nanofate.net

Edit 07-08-2009:

We’re still having problems with our old domain nanofate.net. It was supposed to be back yesterday, but nothing happened.
If we don’t have a solution soon, we’ll register a new domain.
We’re sorry for all the troubles, when the site is back we’ll upload a pair of new releases to make up for lost time.


  1. ^Phil said,

    What happened to you guys? Your website is down. T_T

  2. xx777xx said,

    Why I can’t access your website anymore >.<. What happened T^T?

  3. tzeshern said,

    Whats going on with nanofate.net? Whi is now a business website?

  4. blopa said,

    OMG!!! I want to cry now. Does somebody know what happened?

  5. Haru said,

    We’re taking care of this issue, but we’ll have to wait for about 7 more days to have our site back.

    Tanks for your concern.

  6. ^Phil said,

    Good to hear from you. Waiting patiently now.

  7. Kaze said,

    Whew, I was so worried =(

  8. blopa said,

    Thank you very much for answering to our worries, Haru. We really appreciate it.

  9. Decliner said,

    Well that’s good. I was getting worried.

  10. hisui19 said,

    oh! geez… i thought you guys are gone forever… thank you it is not!!! ^_^
    nanofate.net now is a directory, i think…? well whatever you’re back now guys!!! thanks so much! *grin*

  11. ALex said,

    can someone plese tell me what is happening?I went to the site,but there is nothing.Can someone tell me what the hell is happening?

    • tzeshern said,

      BpHaru and the others are still trying to get their site back

  12. Haru said,

    I haven’t get any replies from the person in charge of our site in a while. In the worst case I suppose that we’ll just end up buying a new domain and making a new site (we may need help with that), but hopefully everything will go fine.

    I’ll post any news here.

    • tzeshern said,

      Or maybe u can reuse this site to upload doujin

      • Haru said,

        Maybe. In the meanwhile I re-published the old posts, but the links to the latest doujins are only in our lost site.

    • tzeshern said,

      Well good luck again so that u guys can get the site back. I wonder why the person in charge do not want to listen to ur reply. Maybe they dont want to give back

    • tzeshern said,

      Please tell me the email of the person who took nanofate website. I will see what I can do to help u guys get the site back

  13. ALex said,

    Anyway why in has the site gone down in first place?

    • Akito Kinomoto said,

      Homophobes. Probably.

      • ^Phil said,

        More like stuff happens.

  14. nanofate said,

    The site should be back by the end of the month.
    Please be patient.

  15. tzeshern said,

    I am giving out link where u can download nanoha vivid manga to those who want to read it. Chapter 2 is out alrdy. Download at http://www.solelo.com/blog/index.php/category/manga/vivid/

  16. Rena~~ said,

    When is the site coming back? Why r they taking so long? :/

    • tzeshern said,

      Well BP haru and the others are still trying. Only that those guys that took over the website havent give response to BP Haru and the others. Why dont u read nanoha vivid manga with the link i provided 1st?”

      • Rena~~ said,

        I did read it, it was fun :)

  17. Y-K said,

    Well, I sure hope BP Haru can get it back from those guys! I really wish! I like this site! I will wait until then! Please get it back! I wish I could help, but I can’t do anything… T^T I will pray! That’s the only thing I can do! :D

  18. BPHaru said,

    In the worst case we’ll have our domain back the next 07-Aug-2009
    Please be patient.

  19. Fate said,

    what happened with you? I waited so long, i can’t access your website anymore, when do you come back?, I’m very sad.

    • BPHaru said,

      The site should be back the next 07-Aug-2009
      Thanks for your support

      • tzeshern said,

        Eh? Still down?

      • tzeshern said,

        still cant get back?

      • tzeshern said,

        I accidentally found this doujin nanoha strikers special but it is in raw version so i thought of giving out the link for it. http://www.mediafire.com/?ye10kjcjzjm

  20. Y-K said,

    I’m glad the site will be back on the 7th! ^^

  21. KillerQueen said,

    Well u guys tried your best and i hope u can get the site back up soon

  22. Kamio said,

    Hope you got your site back soon

  23. NanoFate 4life said,

    still waiting for u guys i will continue cheering up for ur new domain
    good luck

  24. Y-K said,

    I will continue to cheer for your success in getting your site back! ^^
    Good luck. No matter what happens, we all love you guys!! :)

  25. Anonymous said,

    what are the chances of getting out a nanofate megapack 3? *hopes*

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