August 11, 2009

Posted in Scanlations at 8:18 pm by nanofate, formerly known as

Due to our own negligence we lost our old domain (web direction/url), so one more time we’re moving, this time to

We’ll try to get our old site back, if that’s not possible we’ll come with something brand new. Now we have just a temporary home page there.

if by any chance someone has a backup of our “Downloads” page, please contact us.



  1. tzeshern said,

    I cant access the

  2. BPHaru said,

    Really? That’s odd, I and other people can access it with no problems…

    When I registered the domain I was told that it should take from 24 to 48 hours for the dns servers to be updated worldwide, but I could access the web an hour after I added the the nameservers to the domain, so I posted the url here. Maybe your isp’s dns servers aren’t updated to include our site yet, or maybe it’s having technical problems, but I suppose that in the worst case you must be able to access it tomorrow, if you still can’t, we have a problem.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    • tzeshern said,

      nope. still cant access. Maybe is not rdy to show for everyone yet

    • tzeshern said,

      Ya these 2 can work

    • tzeshern said,

      Oh dear. i just take a look in the old domain and found out they modify the website instead of giving back

    • tzeshern said,

      oh just found the link for nanoha force doujin translated chapter 1. The link to download

    • tzeshern said,

      ok now can access. I want to upload link in the website for people to download the doujins i found. Do u know how?

      • nanofate said,

        Are you asking how to upload files and then share the links?

  3. mike said,

    The new site is working for me. congratulations

  4. KillerQueen said,

    Well great job on getting a new site.

  5. ^Phil said,

    Good to see you semi-back on track. Hang in there, guys! :)

    /I _think_ I should have a backup of the old download section. Unfortunately, it’s on a computer I can’t access for at least one more week. If you still need one by then, I should be able to help out.

    • BPHaru said,

      That’s great. We don’t know if we’ll be able to have our old site back, so we’ll be counting on you.

  6. tzeshern said,

    Thats right nanofate. I found a few doujins so thats why i added the links here.

  7. BPHaru said,

    You can go to and upload them there.
    I don’t remember if you need to register though.

  8. Jenny said,

    Hi I can’t access the website do you know why? I tried the two links you put up to test and I can access them

  9. You guys are in trouble again. I tried to access the site today, but the account’s been suspended. If someone’s reading this, please respond and tell us about the situation.

    • nanofate said,

      If someone is wondering what happened with our site, unfortunately our hosting kicked us out. Reason: SERVER OVERLOAD.

      Right now we’re looking for a new hosting (if you know something, tell us!), and we’ll try to be back as soon and as painlessly as possible. The release of the H-Doujin “Lorely” planed for this weekend will be delayed until we have everything working again.

  10. Risa Arakawa said,

    Just a suggestion for the hosting.

  11. […] P.S. For more info, please ignore the date, visit here. […]

  12. lorena said,

    God my oh, I almost died when I saw that the site didn’t exist anymore xD
    Hope you guys find a new hosting soon ‘-‘ Good luck nano ^^b

  13. worried minion- said,

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s a couple of days now that I can’t see, as if the server is down?

  14. nanofate said,


    Yes, the server is down, we’re working on moving to a new server now. The site should be back in at most 48 hours we hope.

    • Duran said,

      Whew. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the site was down.

  15. worried minion- said,

    Thanks for the prompt answer, and since I’m already here, I’d like to thank you very much for bringing nanofate goodness to my days.

  16. nanofate said,

    Support is reinstalling some thing to fix our mailing issue, our Website should be back today.

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